Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pug Life

Pug: The garden gate is open and nobody is looking.

Pug: Yum! That smells like a lavender? 

Pug: Yes!.

Pug: Okay, I'm guilty.  

Pug: So sorry.

Pug: Life is good.

Pug: Don't feel good. Help!

Before she become a rambunctious dirt digger, Fancy was a very sick puppy. She was suffering from a very severe skin disease called generalized demodicosis. Nursing puppies acquire the Demodex canis mite from their mother, but only become a problem if the puppy's immune system have a defect. This condition is believed to be inherited. The disease is not contagious to other pets or people. 

The disease start with a lesion or rash on her neck. We thought it was just an ordinary kind of rash when we rescue her. But then she started losing patches of her hair and her skin become inflame, crusty, and scaly. The infection spread to her legs and nothing seems to help. The vet tried quite a few pills, sprays, and medicated shampoo and conditioner but she only responded by growing weaker and weaker every day.  Up to the point where she stop eating and  my husband had to push the pills down her throat. The vet finally found one that work and she recovered fully. 

Pug: All I need is love.

  Husband and Fancy showing off the stitches on their chest.
Halloween 2009:  Husband was home recovering from open heart surgery.  I hurriedly decorated the porch with pumpkin and lanterns and let the dogs out before it gets dark. I had two bags of candies from Costco and don't want the dogs to scare the kids away.  But my decoration  was apparently not  scary enough for Fancy so she added some of her own blood on the floor.  I never found out how she hurt herself but the open wound on her chest was two and a half inch long. My daughter took her to the pet emergency clinic and she came home with stitches on her chest.  I think the girl is showing her empathy.