Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Favorite Annual Flower # 2 is a Zinnia

My favorite annual flower # 2 post is a Zinnia. Zinnias are one of Lola's Garden's favorite annual because they are heat tolerant, low maintenance and are very reliable bloomer all summer long. They also come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. The Benary Giant series are the largest and most vigorous with fully double dahlia-like bloom that are 4-6 inches in diameter. They have excellent vase life and the bees love them.

An Orange Benary Giant next to a Nicotiana.

Three Zinnia varieties showing its range of colors, shapes and sizes.

Top left is a white carefree Zinnia from the Profusion series for ground cover and containers. It's an All-America Selection (AAS) Gold Medal and FleuroSelect winners. The bicolor one is Zowie Yellow Flame, another AAS winner. It's taller than the Profusion and a foot or two shorter than the Golden Yellow Benary Giant. These are the varieties available at Lola's Garden at the TIEG Garden Expo in Spokane, Washington.


  1. hello, ms. lola, thought i'd drop a comment as my sister had a frined named zinnia when we were little and i'd never really seen one until now. thank you for this post. good morning from nc!

  2. Yes, Zinnias are reliable and tough and absolutely beautiful. It is such a good choice for a cheery summer garden. I do not plant many annuals anymore, but plant always the miniature Zinnias. They reseed in my herb-garden. The Zinnias in your garden look superb. Do they seed or do you replace them every spring?