Monday, August 23, 2010

My Neighbor's Flower Garden

My neighbor is a professional landscaper and gardener and maintains an awesome collection of flowering plant, shrubs and trees. He have of course a beautiful garden and I try to visit it as often as I can with my camera just so I got something exotic to brag and share. I often told him that I like hanging around his garden because I get lots of compliments from people who were passing by. The funny thing is that I have to admit to strangers that my garden is the wild and weedy one next door. I honestly thought of just saying thank you but wild and weedy sounds like a joke. It makes people laugh, so I'm keeping it.

My favorite of his flowering trees is the Magnolia Elizabeth (above). The flowers looked so luscious and smell so good, it is on my list to at least see and enjoy if not own.


I didn't miss my photo ops with these peonies this year simply because they produced so many blooms. I had to come over to check it out. If I remember right the pink and white one is called "Bowl of Beauty").

The variegated yellow rose is called Gracie Allen and Ginji is setting pretty under the tree with the newly planted impatiens. 

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